An Update on the Gaza Electricity Crisis

After an eruption of protests surrounding the lack of electricity in the Gaza Strip, it appears that limited progress has been made to solve the issue. Thafer Melhem, the deputy chief of the Gaza Power Authority, announced that the first part of a $12 million donation from Qatar had arrived in Gaza, which would allow electricity to operate for eight hours, followed by eight hours of darkness. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, Rami Hamdallah, stated that Turkey would donate 15 tons of fuel.

In slightly more positive news, Adel al-Mashwakh, a comedian who was arrested for posting a video calling for an and to the power cuts was released recently, the Associated Press reported recently. However, his freedom of speech will be severely curtailed. Al-Mashwakh was only released on condition that he does not create any more “politically flavored” works or discuss his time in jail.